Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday with Stunning Sierra

Yesterday, Sierra and I drove up to Tilton, NH together. We were on mission to get her Senior photos done, and she was so anxious to see Pat. It had been 3 weeks since he left, and she has really missed him. My wonderful friend Jess took the photos above, and many more too. She is so talented. I think the best part of these pictures is that they have somehow helped to open Sierra's eyes to see how beautiful she really is :) When countless people call you stunning, a little of it has to sink in, right?! ;)
I had a great day with her, we had lots of "one-on-one" time, which has been very rare.
The visit with Pat was great, and Sierra was all smiles...all day. :) Unfortunately, after saying goodbye, she burst into tears. I drove from Tilton to a little bit into Massachusetts. I wanted to give her some time to shed some tears and compose herself. :( Long-distance relationships are very hard. I truly believe Sierra is in love for the first time in her life, and this will definitely be a tough road. However, I also believe that what she and Pat share is special, and it's worth the pain that comes with distance. I hope for both of their sakes, that they can stick this school year out. They are both genuine, loving kids. They're young, but both have what it takes to be faithful to each other...and this can help them learn what a healthy, positive relationship is like. Someday, they can look back on these memories and use what they learned to help them in establishing a successful, life-long partnership with someone.
Columbus Day weekend is coming up. Pat doesn't have a long weekend, and Sierra does. She really, really wants to go visit him. I'm torn. :( Her driving left me a bit worried, and not 100% comfortable. I need to do some thinking and praying about it. I want her to be able to see him, and I love the smile he brings to her beautiful face. However, I also need to follow my gut. If I don't, and something happens to her...I'll never forgive myself. :( *sigh* Sometimes being a Mom isn't very fun. :(

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