Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looking Back

So much has happened this summer, and as I reflect back on it all I find myself fighting back tears.

As previously mentioned, Shawn's health has been a major stressor for me. I saw Dr. Lind today for Sierra's physical and we spoke for a moment about Shawn. He's concerned that Shawn isn't fitting into the "normal" for diagnoses. So, off to specialists we go. Then I ran into Eileen, his wife, at Walmart. She was very comforting to me.

In addition to Shawn's "stuff", there was the Sierra situation. Heart-breaking really. On many levels, I suppose I should be happy. She found someone like Patrick to spend her summer with, and he has treated her so wonderfully...and she and I connected in ways I had only once dreamed of. Yet, the knowledge of what she has lost weighs heavy on my heart. Top that off with the fact that several weeks ago, I discovered lie after lie after lie from her. It became abundantly clear to me that she has been just telling me what I wanted to hear...and doing something completely different. I'm left hurt and jaded. I'm not one to give onward we will forge. Someday she will change...this I truly believe. I take her to a different doc on Sept. 1st. That's a trip I was hoping to NOT have to make with her for a very long time. :( Breaks my heart...but turning a blind eye won't solve anything. I can just hope that the preaching I've done over the past 17 years has sunken in a little.

A few good memories come to mind from this summer. We had a lot of beach days. I thoroughly enjoyed trips to Chappy with the kids. They are finally the age that I can go without a bunch of junk in tow. There is nothing quite like sun-kissed kids...with salt in the hair and smiles on their faces. :)

Jared has really grown up this summer. He started babysitting his siblings for me on a few occasions. I was able to run an errand and know that he had his eye on them. He is expecting a growth spurt within the next year, which makes him very happy. It's about time. :)

Scott came to visit a LOT this summer. The kids got lots and lots of "Uncle" time. It's always nice to spend time with him.

All in all, it was a bitter-sweet summer. Thankfully, there is still 2 weeks left. We head to Washburn Island on Monday for 4 nights of camping...that will be SO nice (here's hoping the weather behaves). We could sure use a good ending to August...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shawny's summer...

Not really sure where to start: Since early June (and the majority of summer), we've been dealing with migraines. Then in June, he had cellulitis in his knee & was on Augmentin then Keflex for that. He had insane stomach pains from that. Then, the migraines got worse & to break the cycle, we had to do Advil every 6 hours...which appears to have caused an ulcer (the combination of strong antibiotics & advil). We were in Fal. Hosp. ER one night until 3am trying to figure out the cause of intense stomach pain. They've done blood work, cat scan, stool sample, etc. Loooong story short: He starts everyday on prevacid (for stomach pain) and takes maalox as needed (every 3 hours) all day long. He constantly comlains of stomach pain. He also has a migraine more often than not. We can't do Advil anymore for the migraines, b/c of the stomach issues. So, he takes Tylenol and if it's unbearable...Fioricet. I honestly can't remember the last day that he felt great all day. Really. :( Then there's the Dermatologist. That is a whole other story. In May, his Pedi started treating his thumb and hand b/c he has 20+ lovely warts on his thumb and a few on his palm. They tried freezing them (3 cycles every 2 weeks). That didn't work. Then they tried an oral med for that...which didn't work. Today the dermatologist did the liquid ... Read Morenitrogen (seriously strong stuff). Shawn was SO not happy, but was very brave. He zapped the ones on his palm twice and tonight, those are big, black blood blisters. Our doc said that is a good sign, that they are responding to the nitrogen. The thumb is another story...not much response, but he could only tolerate one treatment there. I have to take him back there on 9/21 for another round of the nitrogen. Of course, this doc is in Norwood (!!)...quite the long trip. Oy. SO, Doc is thinking that one possible explanation for Shawn's (pretty much constant) stomach issues is "Abdominal Migraines". I just can't even begin to describe how incredibly frustrating it is for me...every day Shawn is hurting. He is in tears literally He cries about his stomach, then his head, then "both". He tells me what a ... Read Morehorrible summer this has been...and he just wants to feel better. I'd give just about anything to be able to figure this it is quite heartbreaking to have a 9 year old boy...who is otherwise healthy...suffering with a throbbing headache and stabbing stomach pains. He literally begs me to make it stop, and I just am desperate to figure this out. :( I ♥ Dr. L though, as he is just as determined as I am to get to the bottom of this for us. At 10:15 pm, I just tucked my sobbing 9 year old into bed...and promised him we WILL figure this out and find a way for him to feel better. His Mom is on a mission.