Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Late Night Musing

Well, it's 11:30 at night and I'm taking a break from decluttering. I got the crazy idea to have a yard sale with my friend Kelly this upcoming weekend. Where in the world did we get so much junk??!! Wow. We've lived in this house for exactly 6 years today...and have acquired quite the pile of useless stuff. I sure hope the sale goes well...if nothing else, at least I'll be a little more organized :) Everyone else is asleep right now and the house is so peaceful. It has been a crazy few ending, activities coming to a close, Kassia's birthday, then Shawn & Malia's double header party, Shawn's real birthday...and Malia's is in a week. I'm exhausted and really looking forward to a break (soon hopefully). We head to Bear Pond on the 11th, which is always wonderful. There is something very special ... indescribably so...about Justamere. For such a tiny place, it holds a very big piece of my heart. :) Well, I suppose I have been unproductive for long'll be midnight before I know it. Shawn has basketball tomorrow, Kasi has gymnastics...and I have a pile of junk to sort through. Hmm...just another day in paradise. :)