Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My Miss Malia Kensie!

Our beautiful Malia Kensie turned SEVEN years old today! Here she is at her family Birthday party...

Seems I blink and another year is gone by. I can't quite wrap my head and heart around the fact that my little Miss Malia is 7!! :( Malia is a very special little girl. Her smile lights up a room and her giggle is contagious. She is chock full of imagination and creativity. She loves to write and read. She's a talented little gymnast (she moved up to Level 4 recently with the older girls). Malia has a huge heart, and is so very eager to please. She's a wonderful big sister to Kassia. Malia is an observer, she sits and soaks everything in...and is incredibly determined when she puts her mind to something. She brings me immense joy and is such a blessing :)

Malia received a big surprise for her birthday...

A new bike :)

She was very happy with her 18 inch bike :)

Malia and her Daddy :)

My sweet Malia Love :)

A bit wind-blown, but still beautiful :)

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