Friday, March 13, 2009



She sits in a chair with her back to the wall.

On the other side, he sits the same, with his back to her.

A wall between the already distanced couple.

Communications ensue with virtual people…

Once friends, now acquaintances at best.

Yet, somehow, they allow this distance to grow.

They continue to reach out to the wrong hands,

Nurturing the wrong relationships,

Failing to nurture the one at home,

Hurting the one they love the most.

Days, months and weeks go by…they grow further apart.

She feels alone in a house full of people.

Her heart breaks as she remembers how it used to be,

With each day, they allow the wall to grow.

She wonders if he really cares anyway.

She misses his hugs, his affection, his love.

She doesn’t want to justify her need to be cherished,

Doesn’t care to explain why she craves the memory…

Of days when she felt wanted, needed, loved.

He doesn’t understand, everything seems fine to him.

There’s no fighting, so what’s the problem?

They come to realize that they have different needs.

They fail to reach out, and nurture each other.

And so it goes, the distance grows and slowly…

One day at a time, they throw it all away.

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